Selling your own home can be quite an adventure!

With changing interest rates, disclosure laws, environmental concerns, and fluctuating market conditions, selling your own home can be a tiresome undertaking. It can also be very time-consuming and expensive, with signage, advertising, promotions, and just the hassle of fielding the phone calls, trying to separate the "tire-kickers" from the real prospects, and showing the home (often many times) to people who weren't really interested in the first place ...

Wouldn't you rather hire a Professional?

Selling your home with a Realtor® can ease the hassles of the selling process,
give you peace of mind, and best of all, it makes financial sense ...

The Median Price of Homes Sold with the Assistance of a Realtor®
was 16% higher than Homes Sold by Owner.
* information from NAR sales data.

We have achieved Centurion®-level sales for 5 years running, and were the #2 Century 21 team in the state of Tennessee in 2021. Much of this business was from repeat clients & client referrals, demonstrating our tireless commitment to look out for our clients' best interests.

If you're considering selling your home or land in the Smoky Mountain area, contact us for a free property evalutaion and marketing consultation.